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A Side of Laughter, Please...

TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2009

The debut of Miss Willow's World

I can't confess to be atop of all things technical, nor shall I profess to be a steam punk gal. Certainly there are times I feel like an analog gal in a digital world. But here, starting this blogspot is yet another honest and humble attempt to stay afloat with the 21st century, and reap all the glorious benefits the tech buffet can offer.

So much of what I do is devoted to communication: from teaching to performing, singing and dancing, creating costumes or promoting events. I am both fascinated and consumed to be as genuine, organic, direct, clear, sincere and with true intentions to share and communicate. I hope this blog is another spoke in the wheel of communication.

I do have other forums or sites I would encourage you to visit at your leisure. Each has their own feel and probably audience. I can't say I have a favorite: it's like when someone asks me, "What do you prefer, singing or dancing?". I really couldn't say, nor would I ever pick sides, just as I feel equal parts Chinese, German and English- but always 100% Human.

My website is A perineal work in progress, and a slow one at that. Any assistance or guidance is always graciously accepted.

Of course like all good cattle (hahahaha), I joined myspace- at the urging of a student. It was like a friendly ambush/intervention- where she actually came to my house and made me set up a site. I do like the fact I can change/update the calendar on my own, for what it's worth.
I have 2 sites (!) andwww.myspacemusic/willowchang

And, I have a revered and feared Facebook account, under Willow Chang. facebook: Willow Chang AND Bollywood Hawaii. That's some heady, addicting stuff, and it's why I'm holding out on a i-Phone so I won't become a full blown addict.

I don't tweet, and I prefer to not join Hi-5, linked in and other social networking sites etc etc etc...When I do, I never remember the pass word and can't devote the necessary time to maintain so many sites...In a perfect world, I'd like ONE account and site, but I fear that's not my fate.

So, more later, and please feel free to drop me a line if there's something I can do to help.
Stay inspired and cheers,

Miss Willow

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