Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miss Willow's Musings

So my dears, again I am putting my toes into the waters of the 21st century. I admit, between 2 e-mail accounts, a myspace AND myspacemusic account (cue the laughter), a Skype prescene, Facebook account (that has almost sucked the life out of me 'feeding the beast" with chum disguised as photos and quips), a Linked in account and a Youtube account, I sometimes feel a little spent! Thank God enough people claim to appreciate "it's the journey, not the destination", for there are times when I am truly invested in "turtle power". This blog is another tool, approach and exercise to share personal thoughts, musings and insights. I strive to create dialogue, inspire and encourage thoughtful interaction. Stay posted for some insights, from the spirtual and personal, to the mundane and riduculous. I'm happy to say, the water feels just fine!

- Miss Willow

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