Sunday, March 28, 2010

Night Thoughts While Waiting for the Light to Turn Green

I'm not sure why, but tonight I remembered some times that were challenging for me and another, so long ago.

My mind wanders, as it can, rapidly stringing one idea to another, things that seem unrelated.

I thought of the people who are facing the night, feeling lonely. I thought of those who don't feel they can keep going on. And I tried to imagine, if there were a way to get to those on the brink, to say "It's gonna be o.k." how it could make a difference. I thought of the beauty of Tango and how it is both becoming the music as well as a traveling hug that we call dance.

Sometimes when you are in the thick of a depression- which is so clinical, (let's call it a malaise of the heart or even an exhaustion of the soul), it's had to imagine things will ever change or shift. BUT, they ALWAYS do! My heart breaks still, when I think of every friend who took their life. How I wish I could have been there- to help or listen. So often, their pain was not apparent , and I wonder how many others around me that I care for shoulder such a burden of grief?

I thought of this over 2 hours ago, and told myself that I should simply go to bed. But, I felt compelled to write and to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE (hello, Michael Jackson). But seriously, it is the mystery of life how the human spirit can endure everything from elation to heartache, joy to misery, wonder to apathy...but feeling anything less is not living!

So what's the point? I simply want to say, I CARE and that life is so beautiful I hope that each of you can find the delight in the mundane, quiet and humble and know that we never quite know where the road takes us...but I hope you enjoy the ride.

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